Our Painting Division has been one of our strongest year in and year out for many decades. We employ seasoned veterans that have vast experience with all types of commercial and industrial coatings. This division cleans and sanitizes owners’ facilities and equipment and performs dozens of plant maintenance projects both while in operation and during shutdown. We frequently work holidays, weekends and off shifts so as to accommodate our client’s production schedule.

We are trained and experienced in application of high solid epoxies, regular epoxies, urethanes, alkyds and tank/silo lining systems in addition to standard commercial products and vinyl wall coverings.

Our extensive work in food production facilities has established a standard work ethic that is engrained upon cleanliness and prevention of contamination resulting in creation of bacteria. Not all manufacturing processes are sensitive to bacteria but the same principles of cleanliness are implemented on all of our projects. Tarping, barricading and daily cleaning are standard practices for all of our divisions.

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