In early 2017, Schweitzer Construction announced the renovation of a prominent downtown building for their new Battle Creek headquarters.  An historic building that was formerly the location of Norman Foods on Division Street South. Schweitzer collaborated with several local architectural firms to finalize the plans and schematics for the renovation of the historic building. Schweitzer’s headquarters was completed and opened for business in December 2017.

Extensive renovations were completed prior to opening.  Upgrades include a new entrance, a new first floor layout with additional windows, and a new elevator.  Though the building has been modernized, it was important to Schweitzer to retain many elements of its historical charm.  Inspired by many refurbished buildings seen in large cities such as Chicago and Detroit, the design encompasses a wood and exposed brick aesthetic with full-length glass walls, bringing together the past, the present, and the future.

The renovation required the work of all our skilled divisions:  Steel Division, Carpentry and Selective Demo Division, Painting and Specialty Coating Division, along with our Millwright Division.  Schweitzer completed significant demolition, sandblasting, structural repairs, repainting, and custom furniture construction. These efforts allowed Schweitzer to keep the building’s original character, including the exposed brick walls, freight elevator, and natural wood beams.

The total complex includes over 90,000 square feet of floor space, giving Schweitzer room to grow.  The first floor of the original 1922 building is now our office space (roughly 7,000 square feet). The three remaining floors of the main office building will be built-out for future tenants. The warehouse was also renovated, and is large enough to house the majority of Schweitzer’s trades under one roof.  The space has been utilized for the Carpenter, Painter, Millwrights, and Laborer divisions. Schweitzer’s Ironworker division remains at their fabrication shop and laydown yard in Pennfield Township.

Since 1962, Schweitzer Construction has been committed to offering clients superior construction services at fair and competitive prices.  With a focus on customer service, Schweitzer is known throughout the communities we serve for our integrity and attention to detail. The new downtown Battle Creek headquarters is a perfect example of Schweitzer’s commitment to the community and the attention to detail provided to our clients every day.