• Owner hires Design/Build firm
  • Single point of responsibility
  • Usually establish a guaranteed maximum cost early in process
  • Design/Build firm is held responsible for project coming in at budget
  • Design/Build firm has flexibility to hire subcontractors he is familiar with which should provide for higher level of quality and compliance with the schedule.  However, Owner does not have much say as to which subcontractors work on the project without compromising legal obligations of the Design/Build firm
  • The Design/Build team can be led by the designer of the builder but the Owner usually has no control over who works with whom without compromising legal obligations of the Design/Build firm
  • Designer and Builder work together through design process to meet the Owner’s outline of expectations for the finished product.  Budget has priority over design if a guaranteed maximum price has been established
  • Usually the Designer and the Builder have an established working relationship. Collectively they may or may not be the strongest team for the Owner depended upon their individual strengths, weaknesses and/or experiences
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