Construction management diagram


Construction management is a transparent and collaborative method.  A construction manager helps you work through the design process to avoid gaps, omissions, or construction issues in your drawings.  Most planning work during a construction management project is done at the beginning, helping guide you through architecture and engineering to reduce change orders and unexpected costs during construction.

  • Owner hires separate entities for Design and Construction Management (CM). The system works best if both are hired before design starts. Owner can hire either entity first and use that entity to assist them in hiring the other entity or hire both at the same time. Basis of hire is qualifications and fees exclusive to cost of construction.
  • All three entities work together as a team.
  • Construction Management firm provides detailed estimates throughout design development to ensure project stays within budget established or make recommendations for budget revisions.
  • Construction Management firm develops bid packages to ensure that subcontractors are bidding the same scope of work, reduce omissions and/or duplications of work items and experience in to account.
  • Relationships established based upon a selection process that takes Designers’ and Construction Management firm’s individual capabilities and relative experiences into account.
  • Owner receives 100% of the bids available.
  • Bid day gamesmanship is eliminated as all subcontractors interested in submitting bids have only one opportunity through the selected Construction Management firm. Bids are opened with the Owner and post bid process ensures Owner is involved with selecting subcontractors based upon their abilities and compliance with contract documents.
  • Friendly open relationship established on trust and confidence.
  • Open book throughout construction; savings either returned to Owner completely or shared with Construction Management firm.
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